open letter

I am researching, studying, and relating two key words: standard, and, label. In my large dictionary (dicionário da língua portuguesa 2004 that i kept at home) i checked the standard and label words meanings. At the local public library i had photocopied the same two key words from an encyclopaedia (2 pages).I used the Google search engine also at the internet (in the cultural centre) for the two key words.The results led me to:ISO (International Standards Organization), EC Eco-label, ERM (Environmental Resources Management)WTO/TBT (the World Trade Organization’s Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade). A useful technique of generating ideas was a ‘free form assumption dropping’ on escape thinking. e.g., ISBN + DNA + morse code + braille + music notation + ... put all these working harmonously is a task for my characters. And my writer’s block is coming to an end. Luis santana


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