como estruturar uma história

Oi Paulo M., tenho aqui um programa de computador, e posso ajudar-te a estruturar uma história, mas tens que me responder a 4 e-mails, para que eu possa ter toda a informação necessária, e enfiar no programa: o 1º e-mail é este, com as seguintes perguntas, 1. what is MAIN CHARACTER (Protagonist)’s gender?Male, Female or Neutral2. what is IMPACT CHARACTER (Emotion)’s gender?Male, Female or Neutral3. at the end of your story, you want the audience to see your Main Character as having: changed or remained steadfast? 4. regarding your Main Character, the audience is...waiting for something to stop, or, waiting for something to start?5. your Main Character prefers to work things out:externally as a do-er, or, internally as a be-er?6. what is MAIN CHARACTER (Protagonist)’s problem-solving style?Logical, or, intuitive7. in your story:actions force decisions, or, decisions force actions?8. what type of limit will bring your story to its climax?A timelock, or, an optionlock9. your character’s efforts to achieve the story goal end in:success, or, failure?10. the Main Character’s personal resolution is shown to be:good, or, bad?11. which best describes the scenario against which your story takes place:situation, activity, manipulation, or, fixed attitude?


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